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Print isn’t dead, it’s just adapted to change

The idea of commissioning a brochure or leaflet as in the ‘old days’ of marketing (to some this is only about 4 years ago), may seem like an abstract concept for some clients.

The main two reasons are set-up costs being perceived as costly and the idea print can’t be tracked or analysed like other online marketing solutions – or can it?

When a brochure is created you not only have an asset that you can send to a printer, you have a quality product you can save as a downloadable pdf – which can also be interactive with every word read by the search engines when uploaded to your website, therefore assisting in the organic ranking of your site. The same artwork can be used as a powerpoint article, a slideshow presentation at a conference or for in-house training.

Many clients are also realising the benefits of short run digitally printed brochures, where the content can be tailored to provide a personalised direct mail solution.

You could say print is going a similar direction to music – there’s still just as much of it around, but it just takes up less space on our shelves. And those pieces that do become printed material are of high quality and serve a special purpose. You can show off the quality and high standards of your company through many versatile and inventive modern printing effects you can't achieve on a flat screen:

• spot UV varnish

• matt or gloss coatings

• vibrant UV colours

• luxury paper stocks

• unusual shapes and sizes

• folding, apetures and origami

These all create lots of interest and the artwork stays in the mind long after your print is put down. There is still plenty of room for print alongside the brave new digital world, why not give it a go.

Call us on 07985 689 108 or email paul@thisisplum to find out how a bespoke design can be created specifically with your print in mind - and then upload the same document to your website. Birds and stones.

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