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Lego are here to help with their mini work-from-home manual

Working from home is challenging even for the creative minds over at LEGO. Nevertheless, they’ve cracked down on the secrets to keeping focused during this unprecedented period. In their Instagram post, LEGO suggests you can successfully work from home in four steps. However, look a bit more closely and you can see this Minifigure is handling the new normal as chaotically as most.

The Minifigure starts his day right by dressing “appropriately” with a literal business-casual outfit of a blazer on top and no trousers below, along with a cuppa in hand.

As he settles at his LEGO desk, the character replicates the “ergonomics” of his office space by stacking his laptop above a couple of books.

For greater productivity, our little friend has a go at personalisation, but you’ll see it’s not always for the best as the figure’s cat decides to give him a helping paw.

Finally, to start working. Our intrepid worker responds by noticing and picking up one of his many work-from-home distractions, his game console, while his cat plays with the computer mouse.

Does this ring any bells with you?!

At the time of writing, lockdown in the UK has been in place for 9 and a half weeks now. For a lot of people the Lego scenario is over now as some people return to work. For a lot of other people the struggle continues to be real, we continue to look for light at the end of the tunnel!

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