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Facebook advertising - the rights and wrongs to achieve success

From highlighting your brand and choosing a design, to targeting the right location - if you want to spread the word around Solihull then read on...

Do – Do your Research

Knowledge is power. It’s important to know at least the basics about Facebook Advertising before you begin, either by asking the right questions or by doing a good stretch on the search engine of your choice.

By educating yourself as to what is and isn’t possible, you will have more realistic expectations of what is achievable and how to get the best from your campaign.

Don’t – Assume too Much

As a counterpoint to doing your research – don’t assume too much. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me!

Effective advertising is tested, measurable & informed by data (Facebook provides loads of this). You should allow the data and established conventions to guide you.

We’ve been in scenarios where we have sat down and explained what would work and what it would take, and often between us and the client we get it right. But sometimes trial and analysis gets the best results.

Which brings us to our next do…

Do – Listen to Advice

It’s in our best interests to see our clients succeed. We like to think of each client more as a partner, and partnerships only work when the relationship remains fruitful to both parties and we will always try to offer the best advice. We have spent a long time learning, and continuing to learn, about our social media and advertising. We’re not always right, but it’s safe to say when we say something, it comes from a place of hard learning and years of experience.

Don’t – Expect Instant Results

They say that anything worth having takes time. This is especially true when we talk about successful Facebook advertising.

Facebook uses an algorithm to learn, adapt and deliver the best results possible for a given campaign. Facebook requires at least 50 results over seven days, and they recommend letting a campaign run for 24 – 48 hours before deciding if any changes are needed.

Advice from Facebook Marketing staff is to leave 14 days between significant changes in a campaign to allow it to optimise fully.

Do – Prepare Good Creative

The better the creative, the better the advert will resonate with your potential customers. Facebook says to think of it as 'Thumb Stopping Content'. Would the images and designs you are creating and using for your ad stop you, or one of your family members from casually scrolling through their Newsfeed? If the answer is no, best to look for something better.

Another thing to consider is media size. For best results, your images and videos should be in three different sizes, 1080×1080, 1080×1920 and 1200×628.

Don’t – Overuse Text in Creative

Years ago, Facebook had a rule that no more than 20% of any images or video should contain text. Today, it grades images differently, but a 20% estimate is still an excellent rule of thumb.

The more text you use when running an advert, the fewer people your advert will reach and the more money you will spend to get results. You can check your images using Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool –

Do – Talk To Us

Getting started with Facebook advertising is daunting, with lots of jargon, techniques and principles to wrap your head around.

The good news is: we can help. As an experienced and skilled designer, I have run successful Facebook advertising campaigns for lots of clients across multiple industries. We know the best practices and how to get results.

Get in touch today by emailing and see what I can do for you.

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1 Comment

Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Aug 20, 2023

Any advertisement should start with a well-chosen and correct commercial. Because a great selling creative is more than half of success. I advise you to read this article if you are looking for a good application to create a commercial

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