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Clever Graphic Designer creates Disney / NBA logo mashup

If, like me, you're a design, Disney and an NBA fan, you're going to love this.

A graphic designer has created a fantastic series of Disney-themed NBA team logos to celebrate the return of the sport at Disney World in Orlando, Florida later this month. With 22 teams featured, each team logo has been redesigned to include a famous face from the world of Disney.

With teams such as Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic all featured, it is a clever way of showing how you can keep a brand whilst still making pretty drastic changes to it. Each Disney character feels perfectly suited to its accompanying team (especially Toy Story's Rex and the Toronto Rapters).

Designer Phoebe Williams shared the whole series on Instagram, and followers loved the crossover collection. Many of the commenters insist that they be turned into T-Shirts. The logos were even spotted by American sports channel ESPN, which shared them with its 35million followers.

'I thought it would be a really fun idea to create mashup logos!' Williams said.

'All of the characters  were chosen to match the aesthetics of the logo. Some of them don't necessarily match the original, like Dumbo for the Hornets, or Ariel for Miami Heat, but at a first glance they look like the original and that was my main goal.'

As a concept it is really clever and a great inspiration. As an exercise it is not that difficult to do. If you have two or more ideas you would like to see put together, either for your business to print on merchandise or use digitally, or just your own personal use, let me know. It would be a great project to work on.

Contact to get the ball rolling! The sky is the limit...

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